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IPL Hair Removal Laser

IPL Hair Removal Laser

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Tired of painful hair removal techniques that leave your skin dry?

Remove body hair permanently with the Levare IPL Hair Remover that uses advanced Laser technology…for the best laser therapy and the most effective hair removal treatment.

Portable Hair Remover For Upper Lip, Face, Arms & Legs

Levare is the best hair epilator for women and men.

  • Painless Procedure
  • Permanent Results


What Is Light (IPL) Hair Removal Device?

Under the illumination of impulse light with specific wave band and pulse width, the melanin in the skin absorbs energy and transfers the transient heat to the follicle. When the hair follicles reach certain temperature, they will enter a dormancy period, which makes the hair stop growing by stages and fall off. Ideal effectiveness can be achieved by using the device for around 8 weeks or more.


  • Laser Technology: Laser light pulses shrink the hair follicles gradually with heat and laser light. 
  • Dual mode settings. Its auto mode or slide mode is suitable for hair removal from large areas of your body like stomach, back, arms and legs. 
  • Manual mode or flash mode is for controlled use of the laser, perfect for smaller areas of your body like lips, face, fingers, armpits and bikini lines. 
  • Choose from 5 different light intensity settings and give your body time to adapt to the hair removal treatment. 
  • Safe and convenient, Levare laser hair removal shuts off automatically as soon as it leaves the skin, to prevent flashing it on your eye. Shaded goggles included.
  • Switches to manual mode from automatic mode after 100 flashes.
  • To prevent light leakage and light dispersion, Levare has a non-removable head. 
  • Its lightweight design and comfortable grip make it easier to hold. 
  • Place the hair remover light window at a 90° angle on your skin to allow it to work effectively.


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